Welcome to the era of energy efficiency

Powerteam Group is an engineering company that has been engaged in energy efficiency activities since 2008.

Investing in renewable energy

Converting solar energy into electricity through the design and installation of a photovoltaic system is beneficial in ecological and economically.

our approach

We are in the business of providing an energy efficiency solution energy and in particular we provide our turnkey for photovoltaic systems. First and foremost, we do the analysis of the needs of our customer, design the activities, plan the work, install and provide after-sales service. Our work will enable you to quickly enjoy all the economic benefits associated with the use of clean electricity.

tax benefits

Powerteam Group’s consultants are at the side of businesses Italian companies to support them in the path of determining a project appropriate to the real needs, as well as the application for any tax breaks provided.

after-sales assistance

Powerteam Group ensures its customers the necessary support to keep the solar panels in perfect working condition at all times of their projects, offering after-sales service sale on time and accurate.


Energy Efficiency


  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Energy communities

Energy communities specializing in services dedicated to medium- to large-sized companies with electricity costs exceeding 70,000€ annually. Powerteam Group is able to provide turnkey services of installations photovoltaics. Analysis of electricity consumption flows by time bands hourly and by seasonality, design solutions based on Photovoltaic panels and new generation inverters, commissioning installation, monitoring of the electricity produced by the system Photovoltaics with related control in the post-installation period.



  • 110% Ecobonus
  • Energy communities
  • Replacement of window frames

For residential customers interested in taking advantage of the benefits of the Ecobonus 110% Powerteam Group is responsible for carrying out works of thermal insulation (thermal coat), replacement of systems of heating and fixtures, design and installation of systems residential photovoltaic systems, energy storage battery and charging station car charging.

All activities are carried out at no cost and without any down payment for the customer.

public administrations

  • Energy communities

Powerteam Group deals with the design and implementation of installations inherent in the field of renewable energy also for the Public Administration, increasingly attentive to the country’s green issues. We configure ourselves as an ideal partner capable of bringing to a conclusion a work studied in detail, ensuring the necessary transparency.